It’s high time I became an adult


It’s official: we’re moved in.  I’m employed with a house to live in, a dog and roommates to love on, and a big screen TV that our landlord left in the basement.

What’s that you ask.  Why no: I don’t think it could get any better.  But I’m always open to suggestion.

The house!

The house!

The living room.

The living room.

The bathroom.

The bathroom.

The backyard.

The backyard.

Riley! Our 10-year-old border collie mix.

Riley! Our 10-year-old border collie mix.

So…when are you coming to visit?


5 Responses to “It’s high time I became an adult”

  1. hey… i follow you on twitter and happened to click through and see this news about your house. congratulations! it’s a beautiful place. aww… and hi Riley 🙂

  2. wow!! beautiful house! hope the dog/pine cone situation issue has passed. …literally. hahaha

  3. 3 katie

    I LOVE IT. It’s super cute…and your dog. You guys are a little family!!!

    besitos de eugene

    school starts tomorrow… growl.

    I’m going to be in PDX on the 17th…shall I come visit sometime that weekend?

  4. You are all grown up! So impressed. I hope to see you and your puppy soon.

  5. A lot of of folks talk about this topic but you wrote down some true words!

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